The Relationship Between Total Quality Management And Its Impact On Performance: Field Study On Abu Dhabi Libraries Workers

  • Fatima Maktoum Saeed Head of Library
Keywords: Relationship, Quality, Management, Performance, Abu Dhabi


The study aims at identifying the nature of the relationship between total quality management and its impact on performance. In this study, the researcher used the descriptive analytical method. The study was based on the questionnaire, which was distributed to (100) employees of Abu Dhabi libraries in the United Arab Emirates. The researcher used the statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS), and the non-parametric statistical tests, as well as “Lickert” scale to analyze the data. The study reached many results, the most important of which is that the importance of total quality management in the study community came moderate from the point of view of the study sample. As well, the level of agreement on the areas of human resources in the study community came high from the point of view of the study sample. Moreover, this study showed that the level of performance in the study community came moderate from the point of view of the study sample. Based on the findings, the researcher recommends paying attention to the public’s opinion about the quality provided in office services, and the opinions of the beneficiaries regarding the quality of the books should be taken into consideration. In addition to paying attention to the collective motivations of ideas related to improving the quality of the library, as well intensive training programs should be applied to perform multiple tasks in the library management process. Furthermore, the institution should take care of the amounts spent on the selection and recruitment process, and work to adjust it in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, beside the need to pay attention to the level of satisfaction of the public and beneficiaries about the quality of books and the quality of the office services provided in terms of speed, accuracy, commitment and understanding.

Author Biography

Fatima Maktoum Saeed, Head of Library

Al-Ain Library, United Arab Emirates


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