Overview Of Biosecurity Legislation In Malaysia

  • Nurfarhah Farhanim Shafie LLM Candidate
  • Noor Dzuhaidah Osman Senior Lecturer
Keywords: Biosecurity, Law, Biosafety, Biotechnology, Covid-19 Pandemic


This study delves into the complexities and efficacy of the Malaysian Biosecurity Law in addressing contemporary challenges through in-depth legal analysis. It evaluates the legislation's adaptability and comprehensiveness in the face of evolving biosecurity threats. The research begins by examining the global biosecurity landscape, emphasising the growing importance of robust legal frameworks in curbing the spread of dangerous diseases and regulating the development of biotechnology. A conceptual framework outlining the critical elements of an effective biosecurity legal system is constructed through a meticulous review of existing literature. Subsequently, the study scrutinises the Malaysian Biosecurity Law and its institutional framework by carefully examining compliance with established protocols by relevant bodies and institutions. This research contributes valuable insights to the ongoing discourse on the nation's biosecurity resilience, benefiting academics, policymakers, and legal practitioners. The findings are expected to inform future legislative modifications, ensuring that Malaysia's biosecurity legal framework remains adaptable, dynamic, comprehensive, and aligned with international best practices.

Author Biographies

Nurfarhah Farhanim Shafie, LLM Candidate

Department of Syariah and Law, Faculty of Syariah and Law, Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM).

Noor Dzuhaidah Osman, Senior Lecturer

Department of Syariah and Law, Faculty of Syariah and Law, Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM).



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